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Ridgebrook Brewery
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Ridgebrook Brewery
began with a love for beer. Not the typical light lagers we’ve become accustomed to throughout the years, but craft beer; beer that focuses on flavor, aroma, color and taste. Craft beer opened up a whole new world of exotic tastes that, once discovered, prohibited our return to the standard light lager of our youth.

Several craft brewers, we’ve noticed, gear their products mostly to extreme craft beer drinkers. And while we stand up and applaud them for raising the bar, we ask, what about the in-betweenies, the consumer who’s tired of drinking the light lager of the past, but hasn’t quite developed a palate for the extreme brews of today? With that question in mind, we diligently began creating our own beer recipes. We set out to create a variety of beer that everyone can enjoy. We’ve created beer that is complex, aromatic and flavorful; yet, beer that doesn’t need to be served near freezing temperatures to hide a skunky taste. We believe our beer variety: Forkin’ Ale, Hoppy TrAle I.P.A., Redwood Ale, Sweet Tater' and many more soon to come will speak for themselves. These beers are as hand crafted as it gets… with the careful addition of hops and barley to provide a complex flavor that is a pleasure to drink. We will continue to work on a variety of ingredient combinations and precise timing to create a great craft beer for you to enjoy.

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